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Blocky Roads Online


About Blocky Roads Online

Imagine an app that will allow you to drive and explore the world, as if in a video game. You've seen it before, a little-known game called Minecraft. Now imagine an identical app where your only task is to drive around and explore places in the real world. If you're thinking this sounds like a pretty sweet idea, you're not alone. This is exactly what Blocky Roads Online is all about, and it's steadily growing in popularity.

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Blocky Roads is an online game that has been on the internet since 2004. It’s a simple yet addicting game where you control a little car and need to drive it through several different levels of obstacles, while trying not to get hit by other cars or fall off the road. The objective is to make it to the end of the level without crashing. There are three types of blocks in the game: red, yellow, and blue, which are used as visual cues for players to know what type of block they will encounter next. The interactive nature of this game makes it engaging because you have an incentive to keep going, even if you get frustrated with a level because there will always be a new one around the corner. This game can also teach good driving techniques for those who might not have any experience with them like practicing quick stops at intersections or giving way when necessary. If you want an engaging time killer or good exercise for your brain, Blocky Roads just may be


How to play

Instructions: Use the mouse to drive or touch the screen to play on mobile devices.


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