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Playing games with your friends is so much fun! But sometimes, finding people to play with can be a little difficult. That's where online multiplayer comes in handy! In addition to being extremely fun, playing online games can also help you improve your skills. Whether it's drawing, gaming, or anything else, you can practice those skills with others. Here is an article that lists 8 best websites that provide online games for artists. Schediosio is an online HTML5 drawing game that challenges users to draw complex geometric designs that require logical and strategic thinking. Drawing games can be fun and useful to improve various skills. They can help you develop your drawing, strategy, and logic skills. Playing Schediosio is a great way to improve your drawing, color and logic skills. Drawing games can help you improve your skills in different areas of art. If you are looking for other games to play with your friends, check out these 5 games for friends that you can play together over a cup of tea or a cup of tea.


How to play

Controls Use the mouse to select an animal avatar and username of your choice Use the mouse to draw when it is your turn to draw Use brush to draw any color Use brush size to change from normal, thick and thicker brush sizes Use eraser to erase any part of the drawing Use flood fill to fill color in shapes Use clear to clear drawing i.e. start fresh Use undo to undo your last drawing action Use keyboard or touch (when onscreen-keyboard is on) to type and send you guesses Click on any other player's animal avatar to like/pat them


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