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About Retro Bowl - Online Games

The retro bowl game overview

We have so many new bowl games to look forward to this season, which has been one of the more exciting things. With distinct customs, ambiances, and bowling game experiences, we have the Retro Bowl, the Sugar Bowl, and the Fiesta Bowl. There's a lot to look forward to if, like me, you're an ardent college football enthusiast. This year's schedule includes 12 bowl games, meaning that almost all of the top collegiate programs will participate in at least one of these historic clashes.

What is the Retro Bowl?

A Retro Bowl game is a strategic and engaging American football video game with a twist: you're both the coach and the general manager. Developed by New Star Games, it was first released in January 2020 for iPhones and Android devices, later expanding to Nintendo Switch in 2022.


In Retro Bowl, players build their team, make strategic decisions, and play through matches. The game aims to simulate the experience of managing an American football team

Characteristics of the game:

Retro Charm: It boasts a captivating 8-bit pixelated visual style and gameplay reminiscent of classic arcade games, offering a nostalgic experience for some and a fresh take for others.

Dual Role: You're not just calling plays on the field like a traditional football game. You also take on the general manager role, handling tasks like drafting players, managing contracts, and making trades to build a winning team.

Accessibility: The game's simple yet addictive gameplay and affordable price (or free-to-play option on web browsers) have contributed to its widespread popularity.

How to play the Retro Bowl game

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