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That's Not My Neighbor - Play Online Free!


About That's Not My Neighbor - Play Online Free!

Overview That's Not My Neighbor

"That's Not My Neighbor" a 2D horror game that immerses you in the role of a vigilant building guard. Dive into a tapestry of suspense where sharp analysis is crucial for spotting impostors, and a wrong judgment could lead to a chilling demise at the hands of these elusive mimics.

The Story of "That's Not My Neighbor"

Solely crafted by the visionary Nacho Sama, "That's Not My Neighbor" emerged onto the gaming scene in February 2024. Explore Sama's various creations on the renowned platform, where artistic innovation takes the spotlight.

Guide to Control That's Not My Neighbor

In "That's Not My Neighbor" step into the shoes of a doorman tasked with residential inspections. Verify tenants' IDs, cross-check apartment numbers, and make confirmation calls. However, stay vigilant— doppelgangers are honing their tactics, intensifying the complexity of your decision-making process and heightening the stakes.

How to play That's Not My Neighbor Online

Step 1: Go to the website via Desktop browser or Mobile Browser

Step 2: Click the Play Game button to wait for the game to download, please wait a bit because the game is quite heavy.

Step 3: Then enjoy That's Not My Neighbor and have the most interesting inferences.