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Traitorsio is a game built on the Traitors novels and it is set in the Traitorsworld as a tribute to the books and their author. The basic premise of This amazing game is fairly simple. You and your friends play as Traitors guilds, trying to eliminate your opponents to win each round. You do this by controlling spies, mercenaries, thieves, and other Traitors, either as individuals or as a group. You can also use power-ups to help you destroy your foes. Traapters are played with a deck of cards. Each chapter represents a round and each player controls one of the Traitors Your job is to fight and kill your team until there's only one left - the last one standing will be crowned the traitor of the team. You've got the entire location to yourself, so you're free to plan your team's downfall before they get there. This might be the last time you see each other, so make it worth it! . This awesome game is a browser based multiplayer arena game with a pirate theme. You can play it with your friends, against the AI ​​and as part of a tournament. It was inspired by games like Smite and Tribes, but with twists.

How to play

Controls Left click: move Right click: shoot Space bar: use power ups


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