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Lazy Jumper


About Lazy Jumper

Lazy Jumper is a casual arcade game that requires quick thinking and a steady hand. You control a space ship through multiple planets by using the arrow keys to maneuver it horizontally and vertically. The goal is to reach the exit of each level before time runs out. There are no enemies in this game to shoot or avoid, only stars to collide with. However, the gravitational pull of each planet is much stronger than the other, which is why you’ll have to make use of your thruster to pull off the perfect

When your planet gets invaded by strange aliens, there is only one option left to save the world. You’re the This amazing game. You save the world by never leaving your planet. Sounds easy? Just ask the jammers and pranksters that came before you. They tried to leave and failed. They tried again and again until they finally succeeded in leaving their planet. Now, it’s your turn to prove that you are more than a lazy jumper. Jump from planet to planet, level to level, and trap to trap until you reach the exit. With each jump, you earn This one Coins that you can use to buy upgrades, traps, and other helpful items to help you defeat the aliens. Refuse to leave your planet, or accept that you’re a This game forever. Either way, you’ll have to jump before the aliens get

Have you ever wanted to jump from building to building like a cat? Or do a back handspring without leaving the sofa like a gymnast? Or maybe you just want to finish that difficult level of "Angry Birds"? Now you can, with Lazy Jumper : an engaging casual game where you have to jump from building to building, avoiding obstacles and collecting as many stars as you can. It's easy? Not quite. The levels get harder, the obstacles get more numerous and the star rewards get smaller. Use This amazing game 's physics to your advantage, pull off phenomenal jumps and show off your skills in the

Jumping over obstacles, collecting stars and avoiding deadly traps is the name of the game, right? In this physics game you have to jump from platform to platform and avoid traps that are lying in your path. The game offers you a wide variety of levels and traps that will keep you on your toes. The game has simple controls, so even if you’re a first-time player, you will master the mechanics of the game pretty quickly. The biggest bonus of this game is its FREE Android version. The game will only run on older Android

You are the most talented jumper in the success depends on your ability to master your up the difficulty and plan your jumps with more is a casual game of skill,timing and will have to use the arrow keys to control the character, jump and avoid stars to earn high scores and beat your can also play this game with your

How to play

Controls Use space or the left mouse button to make the lazy guy jump.

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