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Beat Hop


About Beat Hop

Beat Hop is a free clicker game. Ricochet to the beat and avoid the opportunity as you bob from stage to organize, assemble overhauls and rock out. This is an endless runner coordinate where you simply have one chance, one event to get it OK. If you miss one phase, if the game turns out to be unnecessarily snappy for you, on the off chance that you're really off your game for even one second, one move: you're dead. There are no new chances and win might be conceded to the people who can hop in line, on time, and with a dangerous proportion of exactness. Thusly, motion your head to the beat and move side to side. Stay on time and for the love of the DJ stay on the stages. You'll move between different stages once in a while these are tremendous skips and a portion of the time they are nearly nothing, insignificant hops. Whatever the hop it is fun, it will require that you make an effort not to fall into the profound obscurity and evade the obstructions on your way. Test your reflexes and superstar your moves in this brisk effect of a ceaseless runner, avoider game.

How to play

On a desktop computer use your computer to move left or right and jump on a platform. On your mobile device use your finger to tap and slide back and forth.

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