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Big NEON Tower VS Tiny Square


About Big NEON Tower VS Tiny Square

Big NEON Tower Vs. Tiny Square is an arcade platformer propelled by arcade rounds of the 90s. The game takes you on a ceaseless experience up a neon tower where you will confront various riddles and snags. testing object. No runs, no twofold leaps and no coasting controls! Simply speedy kills and liberal designated spots. Every impediment has been painstakingly positioned. Each part is planned fiendishly. It will take persistence and expertise to explore the labyrinth like tower. Precision is the way to progress!

How to play

Start Game: Press SPACE (Keyboard) A (Controller) or touch (Mobile)Movement: A/D/ArrowKeys (Keyboard) Joystick/D-Pad (Controller) Onscreen Buttons Left side of screen (Mobile)Jump: W/SPACE/UP Arrow (Keyboard) A (Controller) Onscreen button right side of screen (Mobile)Menu: ESC (Keyboard) Start (Controller) Touch top of screen (Mobile)

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