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Bloo Kid 2


About Bloo Kid 2

Hop into Bloo Kid 2 currently to encounter the exemplary retro style 2D platformer with exquisite pixelated illustrations and a full chiptune soundtrack. Run, hop and swim your way through FIVE monstrous universes of ten two levels for every world.

Expert fierce manager fights and uncover numerous mysteries in the realm of Bloo Kid 2. In the wake of protecting his better half from the hands of the abhorrent witch, Bloo Kid and Pink Girl appreciate existence with Their infant "Pink Kid". Expert merciless supervisor fights and reveal numerous insider facts in the realm of Bloo Kid 2.

How to play

The game can be controlled with the arrow buttons or the onscreen controls. Press Left / Right to move Press Up to jump Press Down to leave platforms Press Up while in the air for a double jump Press Up while in water to swim Destroy enemies by jumping on them

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