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Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter


About Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

Galaxy Attack is an arcade space shooter game where you pilot a fighter ship and fight against the alien attacks. The game has three different game modes - Career, Versus and Multiplayer. In Career, you play as a pilot in a war between humans and aliens. You have six different space craft to choose from and work your way up from the bottom to the top of the career ladder. There are 50 levels in the career mode. In Versus mode, you can play against one or more opponents. In Multiplayer, you can play either Versus or co-op with a friend. The game is available on both Android and

Your spaceship has crash-landed on an unknown planet filled with strange and dangerous creatures. You must fight your way through the alien infested jungle to reach civilisation. Shoot and blast your way through enemy spacecraft and alien creatures as you defend a mining base against an alien attack. Upgrade your weapons, unlock new ones and modify them with upgrades to gain an advantage over the attacking creatures. Alien Shooter is a fast-paced arcade game with a variety of alien fighters, craft and environments to explore. Shoot Aliens, Save the World! ===== Game Features ===== - 12 unique alien fighter craft to unlock - 44 enemies and 3 bosses to defeat - 7 worlds to fight through, each more fiendish than the last - 10 upgradeable weapons with unique abilities to battle the aliens - 4 game modes - Story, Battle, Arcade and Versus - Leaderboards and Achievements to compete with friends - iCloud support so you can play on your iPhone, iPad and Android device - Hours of fun for fans of arcade shooters and bullet hell games - Super tiny install size, so you can play without internet - Full controller support, including MFi compatible gamepads - Playable with just one thumb! - Beautiful hand-drawn pixel graphics - Nice chiptune soundtrack Galaxy Attack is completely free with ads. It is supported by In-App Purchases to buy weapons and other upgrades. If you enjoy

Aliens have landed on Earth and it’s up to you to destroy them! Shoot from the hip as you blast hordes of aliens in this top down, third person arcade shooter. Upgrade your ship and take on increasingly challenging waves of enemies. Earn money to unlock 24 unique space ships and a variety of different power-ups. Unlock brand new ships by completing daily challenges or by watching the in game ads. Can you complete all 10 levels and survive the relentless alien onslaught? • Earn money to unlock 24 unique space ships and a variety of different power-ups. • Unlock brand new ships by completing daily challenges or by watching the in game ads. • 10 levels of increasing difficulty. • Universal app – play on iPhone and iPad. • No third party ads or In-App Purchases. • No Facebook connection required. • Original music and sound effects. • No dialogue - just pure, frantic, top down arcade action! • Game Progress recorder so you can track your high score. • No time limits or stress of winning - just fun, arcade action! • Earn achievements and compare your score to friends. • No in-game purchases. All upgrades can be earned through gameplay. • No internet connection required to play. • No ammo or health packs required. • No confusing maps or navigation. • Universal app – play on iPhone and iPad. The game was inspired by the arcade classic Space

Showcase your shooting skills in the epic action game – "Galaxy Attack". The Earth has been invaded by a horde of space aliens. Fight them off as you move from planet to planet and planet to space station. Dock your spaceship, blast your way to the exit and survive as long as possible in this fast-paced arcade shooter. You have one life and you only have five chances to complete each level. Are you ready to

An Alien Spaceship has attacked Earth. You are the last hope of humanity. As a last resort you have activated the Galaxy Attack. Your mission is to defend earth by destroying the alien spacecraft. Fight through diverse locations and survive the relentless onslaught of enemy ships. Upgrade your ship, unlock new weapons and complete challenging levels. Can you save the world? conservation: Space is an alien place. Can you


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