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About Generator

Generator is a free pc puzzle recreation. Earlier than you may make sparks fly you will want to discover a way to push this battery into the void. Generator is a directional puzzle sport in which you're for all time trapped in a maze of your personal making and want to locate your way out thru push, pulling, and keeping off exclusive traps and boundaries. In every level, you've got a generator that desires to be activated by using being positioned on a specific square. If you want to get it the generator to the square, you could need to locate your manner round different obstacles, pitfalls, and other dangerous however thrilling styles of disturbing situations that make this a in fact attractive game. Each degree is designed on this type of way that most effective a selected pattern of moving the generator and the numerous blocks round will will let you bypass the generator in which you need it to transport. This isn't an now not feasible undertaking however it is not an clean one each. That is a puzzle pastime that disturbing conditions you to treatment problems with common sense and making plans. It calls for you to suppose a couple of steps earlier and does now not provide any enhancements, electricity-u. S. A. Or precise skills to help you. Much like in lifestyles you can win or lose, bypass, or fail based at the merits of your personal talents.

How to play

use the Arrow Pad to control your character and position the game elements in such a way that you can get the generator from point A to point B.

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