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Jewel Legend


About Jewel Legend

Jewel Legend is a unfastened in shape-3 activity. A few legends are born, they come into this global with the entirety they need to be the celeb they emerge as. However maximum legends are made, cast in the fires of subject, hammered into form through using exercise, and quenched within the restoration waters of enjoy. You may be this kind of legend. You can step as much as the plate and knock it out of the galaxy with our new suit-three sport: jewel legend. Jewel legend needs concentration, pattern recognition, and a quick slip of the hand if one wants to win. On this fast-paced jewel activity, you'll be tasked with matching 3 awesome jewels and unlocking new and thrilling degrees as you pass. Make really appropriate use of power-ups, strategize using the different unique abilities and you may end up the final jewel legend. The rules are easy, line up at the least three of a type jewels, do it rapid, and make the connections each horizontally or vertically however in no manner diagonally. Try to line up trinities so that you can motive similarly jewels to line up after the preliminary boom and you bought your self combination teach going! Jump on and wave good-bye to the normies. You are a legend now.

How to play

On a desktop computer use your mouse to click on the jewel you wish to move and slide it into place either horizontally or vertically. On your mobile device use your finger to tap and slide the jewel you want to move.

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