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Knife Rain


About Knife Rain

Knife Rain is a loose adorable-shooter recreation. Knives had been made for throwing and with "knife rain" this is simply what you will do. In knife rain, you may bypass diploma after level to free up different forms of gadgets to throw. Knives, wrenches, spatulas, it in no manner ends. Each item turns into a lethal weapon on your palms and simply a few other tool on your journey to becoming the last knife thrower. The top of the leaderboard is anticipating you, it is calling out, it desires you to make it, you need to assuage the shouts and the whines of the chief board via aiming, firing, and being as correct as you are speedy. This is a lovable-shooter fashion endeavor in an effort to require you to regular your intention, and hearth with rock-solid precision at the goals square and genuine. Some of the dreams are atomic cells, some are logs of wooden, and some are even cartoon-style bombs however all of them have one aspect in commonplace: they'll be your enemy and they're spinning for ever and ever into oblivion. Most effective you have the electricity to cut them open with a few properly-aimed images of your knives.

How to play

On a desktop computer use your left mouse button to fire at the spinning log. On a mobile device tap the screen in order to launch a knife.

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