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Merge Dreams


About Merge Dreams

Merge Dreams, the players are taken on a surreal ride in a fairytale world. The game is a hybrid between a puzzle game and an adventure game. The player gets to explore different dream worlds, meet and speak with different fairy tale characters, and solve puzzles. The player will also have to explore their inner self and change their reality to move forward. To win a round, the players will have to merge as many of their dreams as they can into one world. The player with the most merged dreams at the end of the game is the

Did you ever had a daydream that seemed too good to be true? Merge two fairytales and turn them into one! Dreams are the perfect place for you to play – and win! Sign up for This game and find out if you can build a better future for your characters! Did you know that playing cards from the four seasons are also known as the four elements? If you didn’t, now you do! This This amazing game review will highlight everything you need to know about this

Looking for a new game that’s a little bit different from the usual? Fairytale This one is the game for you! It’s a casual fantasy RPG filled with engaging quests, beautiful visuals, and a light-hearted storyline. There are over a thousand different combinations of Merge Dreams cards, so there’s always something new to

Merge or be merged into another player’s world. Build attractive houses, collect resources, craft a variety of items, level up your character, and build a village to attract other players! The more houses you build, the more points you earn. The player with the highest score


How to play

Using Mouse


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