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Moon Clash Heroes


About Moon Clash Heroes

The Clash Heroes arrangement proceeds with an activity pressed moon base shooter. Lead your robot group to triumph by destroying all adversaries. New weapons, new skins and low gravity for greatest fun in this insane internet shooting match-up. In evident Clash 3D style, increment the executes to carry your name to the highest point of the rankings. Fabricate your vocation as a daring government agent equipped for killing adversaries with a shot from the dim. Play as a goliath Terminator, furnished with a gigantic mass obliteration framework and stomp on your adversaries. Move in the shoes of an extraordinary fighter with a Tesla-style lightning firearm or control a far off assault bot with a photon weapon. Anything can occur in the space group. Investigate all little hiding spots of the neglected moon base, appreciate the perspective on profound space and rout your rivals. The base camp have high expectations on you, fighter! 

How to play

WASD - movement SPACE - jump G - throw grenade C - crouch RMB - aim TAB - score table 

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