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Puppy Sling


About Puppy Sling

Puppy Sling is a fun and habit-forming very relaxed game where you can ricochet your pet canine as high as possible. Gather coins to purchase more lovable doggies. Drag and dispatch Puppy starting with one point then onto the next. Swing, ricochet and swing your Puppy as high as could be expected. Gather coins en route to put resources into later overhauls, stay away from the incredible and risky lasers that can transform you into dust just by brushing you and do whatever it takes not to adhere to a similar hold for a really long time or you will fall into the deep darkness . You'll have to show your snappiness and boldness assuming you need to go far - encircle yourself with Corgis, Pugs, French Bulldogs, Shiba Inus and live it up!

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