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Rocket Bot Royale


About Rocket Bot Royale

In the future, Earth is invaded by alien robots. You are a robot survivor in an abandoned building. Build walls to protect yourself, fight your enemies, and shoot them with rockets! Beware of the Robot Royale, a game of survival, fight, and adventure. Robots are attacking from all sides, try to survive as long as you can. They will get through any wall, so be sure to build lots of turrets to repel them. Collect energy to power your turrets, heal your wounds, and keep moving forward. The enemy might look the same, but what looks the same, can be very different. Good luck and have

The world is your battlefield in this fast-paced multiplayer game of survival! Build towers of steel and outrageous strategies to stand against the oncoming hordes of zombies. The last one standing wins! In this particular fighting game, you must use strategy, skill, and a whole lot of firepower to defeat the zombies in different maps and locations. You must be the last one left to win the round as you battle against the zombies in different locations. You can play as a lone wolf or team up with other players to eliminate the zombies together. Get ready to go on a high-octane adventure through the infected streets as you battle it out with other players to survive and be the last one left

When an asteroid field turns Earth into a survival game, you'd better strap on your jetpacks, build awesome machines, and collect as many resources as you can. In Rocket Bot Royale, it's you, your friends, and your arsenal of rocket-powered battle bots versus an asteroid field. In the depths of space, an asteroid field is approaching, and it's going to make landfall on planet Earth. The survival game has just begun! Build, battle, and craft your way across the land to discover resources, discover and defend hidden bases, and outsmart and eliminate your foes. In Rocket Bot Royale, you play as one of several Battle Bots exploring a procedurally generated island to find resources and outsmart, hack, and eliminate your foes. Make your way across the island, find resources, and construct and upgrade your base. And, most importantly, stay

The battle for survival has just gotten competitive. An unseen enemy has struck and taken out every Hero in the world. You are one of the few who has managed to escape the deadly gas that blanketed the earth. Now, your mission is to search for the remaining survivors and form a band of Robins hood to take down the deadly V-BOTs (Vapor-based Autonomous robots) that threaten the last of humanity. You must join forces with other heroes and build a defensive outpost called The Castle to withstand the oncoming storm. Build up walls made of wooden planks, upgrade your weapons, defensive turrets and traps to protect your castle from the oncoming hordes of vicious Robot enemies. Fight as a team and work together to ensure the survival of your clan in this new and exciting take on the battle royale

The world's most popular battle royale game is also the hardest to master. With a massive 100-player field and constant action, Fortnite Battle Royale is sure to test your skills to the limit. Or is it? Thanks to its customizable building system, you have the power to transform any environment into your own personal paradise. So grab your friends and start building


How to play

Controls A / left arrow key = move left D / right arrow key = move right Move mouse = aim Left-click = shoot


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