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Voxel Bot

Voxel Bot is a unfastened puzzle sport. Help your Voxel Bot live to tell the tale by means of leaping across the cubes and displacing the colours as quality you can. In this 2D puzzle game, you will be tasked with the a laugh proposition of turning all the dice platforms to their secondary coloration by way of jumping on and rancid of them in the ideal order. Once you accomplish this you will be capable of strengthen to the subsequent stage. Careful no longer to jump your self into a corner and cease the level. It is a a laugh recreation so one can take planning, strategy, and a touch little bit of on the ground processes. Never has solving cube based puzzles been so fun or so adorable as in this platform-puzzler. Jump your manner to victory and capture the diverse gadgets on every level. Avoid the horrific men and make certain you're continually one, , or 3 steps ahead of your self on this ultra-fun desktop puzzle sport where physics, cubes, and you will determine your future. Some tiers will featuyre an enemy or impediment that can only be conquer by using jumling on sure cubes. This will require talent and revel in and end up progressivley harder with every passing degree. Stay strong and hold on and you'll parent it out.

how to play game Voxel Bot

Use your arrow pad to jump the Voxel Bot Up, Down, Left, or Right. Avoid obstacles and don't jump yourself into a corner.

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